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Barre 11 Class Descriptions

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This class is rooted in traditional isometric barre fundamentals and takes a thoughtful neutral spine approach at building deep muscle strength, tone, flexibility, balance, and alignment. A great class to start out with, but also challenging enough to stick with long-term!


An advanced class using the challenging technique of classic barre, but with faster transitions and longer holds. Taking 5 to 10 Barre Foundations classes before moving on to Barre Focus is highly recommended.

Barre11 Fit

Barre Fit is an intermediate Boot Camp class. This class is designed to intermingle one minute cardio sets into the toning and conditioning of a basic level barre class. Consider this a step toward a full blown cardio class as you enjoy the fundamentals of barre(toning and stretching) and enough cardio to get your heart rate UP and your sweat ON!


This class fuses elements of Yoga and Barre into one session. It combines the fluidity of movement with breath in the Yoga Sun Salutations with the precision and control of Barre. It streamlines coordination, flexibility, and strength into one hour. You will leave feeling balanced and centered!


This class is sure to bring the burn! Advanced segments of barre sprinkled with 2 intense cardio sets. Client must take 10 regular Barre Foundations classes before attending a Barre Fire class in order to assure proper form and alignment and to have a thorough understanding of the method.


Specifically designed to shred inches and burn fat, this boot camp class combines Tabata cardio intervals with classic sculpting exercises. Get ready to sweat and burn calories! Bring water, please!

Youth Services

Barre 11 Youth Services

Need to bring your little one to class with you? No worries! We have an onsite childcare provider on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Your little one can play and watch movies in the room right beside you while you get a precious hour to yourself!