Barre Fly


It’s time to BOUNCE!! Barre 11 is the only fitness boutique in Murfreesboro offering REBOUNDING! We are excited to offer this additional form of low impact fitness!

Introducing BarreFLY...a rebounding class brought to you "11 style"!

Enjoy the sculpting and toning of barre mixed with the limitless benefits of rebounding!

What are the benefits of rebounding? Glad you asked...

  1. Low impact
  2. Helps the body release toxins by circulating the lymphatic juices and cleansing the lymph system(cleanse anyone??)
  3. Delivers and absorbs nutrients at the cellular level where it can be converted into energy
  4. Improves immune system
  5. Improves metabolic function
  6. Stimulates cells in internal organs
  7. Works entire body yet is gentle on the joints and ligaments
  8. A strength, aerobic, flexibility, and endurance exercise
  9. Improves balance and coordination
  10. Great for ALL ages
  11. Increases bone density
  12. Improves digestion

And our personal FAVE....because of the extra forces of acceleration and deceleration, an hours worth of regular exercise can be accomplished in 30 minutes of rebounding! #Winning at time management! ;-)

Bouncing back has never been this fun!!!

Barre Fly