Barre 11 Studio
2223F NW BROAD ST. • MURFREESBORO, TN 37129 • 615-410-2235
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What to expect in our Barre 11 Community

Come to your happy place. Where you unwind from your day. Where the workouts make you strong and the community makes you stronger. Where strangers become sisters and change becomes unstoppable.

Come to boutique fitness. Where a beautiful atmosphere sets the scene for strength, health and empowerment to unite. Where your sanctuary becomes smaller than a "one-stop shop" kind of gym and the owners and staff know you by name.

Come to Barre 11. Where Murfreesboro comes for Barre, yoga, and Tabata boot camp classes. Where fitness becomes intentional movement and mindfulness becomes a way of life. Where intimacy, achievement and personal attention provide a sense of safety. Where workouts are for celebrating the body, not for punishing it.

Come as you are. Wherever you're at in your journey. You don't have to have it all together or look a certain way. Our only request is that you respect the process of your transformation-no matter how short or long that might be.

Jen Ashcraft-Hays Owner/Instructor

Aside from my children and my husband, bringing barre fitness to Murfreesboro has been the greatest joy of my life. Providing women with meaningful, powerful, and intentional movement has become my ministry. I hope that when you walk through the door of Barre 11, you immediately feel the love and acceptance that exists there. I truly believe that creating a safe space where our bodies can be celebrated is the perfect environment for major change to take place-physically and mentally! I love watching each client become stronger and more aware of their body. Can't wait to see you at the barre!

Barre 11 is the first boutique fitness studio in Murfreesboro to offer barre, yoga, and Tabata classes under one roof. Barre 11 Fitness is a beautiful atmosphere where strength, health, and empowerment unite.